Starring Jean-Michel Dhermay, Evelyne Scott,

Alice Arno, Christine Chantrel
Directed by William Russel
Screenplay Henry Bral de Boitselier
Photography Johan Vincent
Music by Gilbert Gardett




In California, while the governor Don Manuel is terrorizing the poor, the best swordsman Zorro himself is making love with Don Manuel's charming wife.


Since then, the two men are fighting each other through great chases, swordsfights and love adventures. Zorro will get through all the bad situations all over the country, chased guy the gvernor's troups, and after each duel or fight he is having a rest with spendid young ladies not to fail his reputation.


Don Manuel is having a costumed bal where a fake Zorro is having the monopole of the ladies all of them at the same time. Then comes the real Zorro who shows to the King's messager all the Governor's tricks against the poor.The day after, not to fail his reputation, Zorro meets the messager's wife