A film by Antonio DORADO

    Starring : Fernando SOLORZANO, Cristina UMANA, Olivier PAGES, Vanessa SIMON, Marlon MORENO
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A story based on actual events of the 60' and 70' focusing on the beginning of the drug trade in Colombia.


Colombia, 1966. The USA has promised to help with poverty, but they have mainly selected Colombia as a strategic location for stopping the Cuban Revolution. A bar owner and ambitious crook named Pedro Rey decides to take advantage of the gringos presence to change his name into a household word. Harry is an American Peace Corps volunteer who is smuggling Peruvian cocaine. He introduces Pedro to the drug trade and theft. 'El Rey' comes up with the idea of processing cocaine in Colombia and he brings in a chemist to do just that. As business grows, El Rey learns the gamut of corruption and, blinded by his desire for power, he dreams of transforming the drug trade into the only 'multinational company' that Colombia could pull off.


Thus he writes the first chapter of drug trafficking history, setting it against the revolution's disintegrating utopian theories: he is convinced that "the revolution is not made by poverty, but by money."