Starring René Munoz, Paul Piaget, Howard Vernon,
Rosa del Rio
Directed by Raymond Torray
Screenplay by F.Urrety, M.Cesare
Music by M.Parada


Golden City, a small town south of United States where gangmen make the law. The sheriff has just been shot, so they can't lay their hands on Jerome, a black cowboy.
The town official are unable to restablish order, and having no minister, they ask the neighbouring bishop to send them one.When, the whole congregation with an enormous poster spread out welcoming the new priest discovers a black minister, the crowd kept suddenly silent. It is now a general hostility that he will have to face.
Months have passed by...The minister has accomplished his duty with judgement and perseverance, involving himself with the community and never being reluctant to use his own fists when he had to, in order to protect anyone, and has succeded to proove the innocence of Jerome.
He tells his friend that he has now decided to leave the town. He also admits that his main purpose coming was to clear out the charges against Jerome: this black happened to be. . . his own father.