Starring Sabrina Siani, Al Cliver, Shirley Night, Jérome Foulon
Directed by Jess Franco Screenplay A.L. Mariaux, Jeff Manner
Photography Luis Colombo

Music Robert Pregadio
Produced by EUROCINE


ln the Jungle, forgotten by the world, lives a savage tribe led by Lena, a blonde goddess to whom all men pay hommage.


A worried group of hunters rushes back to the village. They spied a group of armed men from the outside world approaching their territory. Rallying to the threat, Lena sets up an ambush in which the intruders are killed one by one. However, two men escape the trap and succeed in sneaking into the village and capturing the blonde goddess.


When they stop in a clearing, the older of the two men tries to speak with Lena. Reacting to his gentleness, Lena tries to remember the language he speaks and, in so doing, her past...