Starring Michal PRZEBINDA, Stanislava JACHNICKA,
    Director : Oskar REIF
    Writer : Oskar REIF
    Photography : Igor LUTHER
    Music : Georges BIZET- Anton DVORAK


"The Bed" is a very important place where parts of the story take place : our hero is convinced in a bed, he is born there and also dies there. During his life he often hides in bed, he rests there, dreams there and also lives there, the same as everyone else. Bed is also the place which in the end both symbolically and factually connects him in the other world with this real world.
We meet Lubosh Urna - forty year old main hero of "The Bed" - in a moment when he is
dying and leaving this world. The immediate reason of his death is banal and at the same
time tragicomic, same as the situation in which it happens. We could even say Lubosh's
end resembles most of the events in his life. From early youth to grown-up age.
He has been given birth by a woman, he grows up among women, he gets married to a woman, he has two children with her - both women of course-, he works among women
and in the end he dies amongst women.
Lubosh does not feel too much self-pity over his fate, he does not see it as fatal. On the contrary, he guides us through his grotesquely-bizarre life in a matter-of-fact manner and comments even the most fantastic situations with dry rationalism. The extreme emotions appear in separate events, not in their orders, or in Lubosh's evaluation.
His colourful description of experiences, both real and unrealistic, in the way they are
blended, slowly reveal Lubosh's life story which seems to be an absurd grotesque with
a very unexpected and shocking ending. On the border between life and death Lubosh
comes to a certain recognition that is a shock to him as well as to the audience.