• Starring Sylvia Solar, Stan Hamilton, Burt Altman,
    Pamela Standford, Olivier Mathot
    Directed by Allan W.Steeve
    Screenplay H.L. Rostaine
    Photography by Alain Hardy
    Music by Jean-Jacques Lemètre


Two small-time hoodlums, Mario and Roberto, with the help of Lina, kidnap a young girl, Florence Danville, and hold her for a large ransom.They have to hide out in a friend's house. A one-time thug, keeps alive trading with the natives in a nearby jungle forest.

 Manuela, who shares Antonio's life, is raped by Mario. The girl decides to get even and connives to tie him up to a tree, leaving him to her cannibal friends who kill him and eat him.

Manuela warns the kidnapped
girl's parents, who enlist the help of an ex-mercenary,
mount an expedition and track down the gangsters. Cornered, the latter only have one means of escape : through the forest, where they are captured and
massacred by the cannibals. The Danvilles, after many
a close shave, succeed in reaching the cannibal village
and parley their daughter, who had meanwhile been
adopted by the tribe, out of their grasp.