Starring Sabrina Siani, Al Cliver, Shirley Night, Jérome Foulon
Directed by Jess Franco Screenplay A.L. Mariaux, Jeff Manner
Photography Luis Colombo Music Robert Pregadio
Produced by EUROCINE


Mr and Mrs Taylor both doctors and their young daughter Lena are on their way to a hospital deep in the bush when they are attacked by cannibals. Mrs Taylor is devoured under her husband's eyes. Young Lena, who managed to escape by jumping into a river and hiding, is later discovered by the tribe's chief who sees in her an envoy from their god. Dr Taylor succeeds in escaping. Raving mad, he is sent to New York for specialized care. Ten years later, Dr Taylor convinces his doctor and wealthy thrill-seekers to join him in a search for his daughter in cannibal country. The "safari" turns into a deadly game. Lena is a beautiful young woman now, and the chief's wife. Will Lena recognize her father?