Starring Muriel Montossey, Chris Drago, Pierre Taylou,
France Jordan, Antonio Mayans, Richard Darbois

Directed by Jess Franco
Screenplay by A.L. Mariaux
Director of photography Raymond Heil
Music by Daniel White


At a friend's home in Paris, Cécilia meets Philippe, a brilliant young diplomat who has the added charm of being extremely wealthy.

They fall head over heels in love. Philippe drops his many mistresses and gives his play-boy past for shared happiness, which transform both their lives. They might have lived a simple love-story but for one mishap: while in Portugal, where Philippe owns a plush mansion, Cécilia went out for a stroll and discovers incredible keen pleasure when she finally submits to flesh-rending violence.
She is honest and tells Philippe exactly what happened and what she felt: another man, a stranger, had given her the most overwhelming orgasm she ever had. When the meaning of it really sinks in, they decide to let Cécilia seek out new sharper pleasures on her own.

But the fact of the matter is that Philippe, the reformed play-boy, does not take the situation as casually as expected. Cécilia pushes him on to the merry-go-round of wild unfettered sex.
She succeeds beyond her expectation and soon discovers yet another new feeling: the biting pangs of jealousy.