Avec Mikaëla WOOD, Yves MASSARD, Lina MORGAN

    Réalisateur Jess FRANCO
    Chansons de Charles TRENET



Two actors, Daniel and Tony, are only stars stunts. The art doesn't feed and they have to play music in restaurants. The meet Caroline, an unenployed circus artist. As she also sings and dances, the trio is quicly made.

As our friend are quietly walking down Paris streets, a storm of money falls ont them. They ignore that the money is fake.

Daniel, Tony and Caroline are watched over by the Police as they use false money.

To be able to play music, they just figure out a plan : take the identity of a black band supposed to play in Nice.

They are brought into a gorgeous palace, without knowng that this place belong to the gangsters who made all the money they've been spending.