Interprété par Michel Galabru, Michel Morris, Nicole Pescheux
Réalisé par Edmond Tyborowsky
Adaptation et dialogues : Didier Kaminka, Frédéric Berthon
d'après le roman d'Exbrayat (Editions du "Masque")
Musique : Albert Minski
Arrangement : Richard Lornac, Editions Toy music
Production : Davia films, Eurociné
Directeur de production : Victor Beniard
Producteur délégué : Michel Albertini




How crazy are those Veronians ? Leacock is stonned… He wanted so much to discover European police’s methods…

A dead body is found on the Adige docks. The detective Tarchinini has all his time : he discuss with one man, drinks a couple of liquors with another… and finally decides to go to see the coroner !

Then, when he sees the body, what does he do ? He asks a few question to the dead ! No methods, and not any serious behaviour. And love… love… does Tarchinini talks about something else ?

Because, of course, if the man lying down on the operating table commited suicide, it’s because of a woman ! Why would you look any further ? But Leacock can’t understant that…


Poor man… he’s American !