Starring Chris Mitchum, Susan Andrews, Fernando Rey,Howard Vernon, Dorra Doll
Directed by A.M. Franck
Screenplay by A.L. Mariaux, George Freedland,

                      David Khunne


Special effects Joss Crew
Music by Nobert Verrone


Dr Josef Mengele, a celebrated and much-despised Nazi war criminal, is supposedly still alive and hiding somewhere in South America.
A commando, searching for the infamous doctor Mengele mistakingly kills instead another doctor - a former Nazi himself - living in Paraguay. The commando chief learns that the real Mengele lives in another South-American country where he attempts to organize the foundation of a "4th Reich". He is under the protection of a special armed guard headed by Wolfgang, a neo-nazi, veteran of the Vietnam War.
The commando will foil Mengele's plans with the help of beautiful Eva who volunteers to sacrifice herself. During the final onslaught, the main characters are killed when Mengele's headquarters are blown sky high.
Their bodies lie under tons of rubbles. Is the real Mengele among them?