Convoy of Women

Starring Anna Garek, Marianne Remont, Paul Muller, Claude Boisson, Olivier Mathot
Directed by Pierre Chevalier
Screenplay by A.L. Mariaux - F.Mazzei
Director of photography Gérard Brissaud
Music by Senneville - O.Toussaint


1740. A harbor town on the coast of France. The police are raiding the streets and taverns at night in search of girls to send to the colonists in North America. The unscrupulous policeman in charge agrees to sell a dozen girls to an Englishman; a small boat takes these girls to a ship which sails immediately. When they reach America, the girls are placed in carts leaving for territories where colonists and soldiers are expecting them.During the journey, Indians attack and succeed in kidnapping several women. At the indian village, they are to be offered to brave warriors.
But the English get the girls back. The convoy continues
on its way.
The girls manage to get the upper hand; they are forced to get undressed by two english and then sneak away from the fort dressed in the men's uniforms.They are picked up by a french patrol party. The information they give their fellow countrymen enables them to resume the siege.
The women are in a panic! The barracks are on fire. The french soldiers attack in force, take the fort and release the unfortunate girls who were locked up in a cellar. As for the other girls, they will stay in America and make some french colonists very happy.