Starring Lina Romay, Alice Arno, Monica Swin, Gilda Arancio and
Jack Taylor
Directed by Jess Franco
Director of photography Raymond Heil
Music by Daniel White


A family of vampires has come from distant Bohemia to live on a small tropical island. They quench thrist
for the living forces given forth by
human bodies during the act of love.
Irina, the beautiful last descendant, meets an Austrian writer, Rathony.
He follows her to the mansion of her ancestors. Then he conveys to her
not only that he knows who she is
but that he loves her. The extent of
his passion is such that he offers her his life. And Irina's gluttonous lips
suck up and devour the living forces
of her lover who, in the culmination
of a climatic orgasm, surrenders to
her his body and soul !