Starring Christopher Lee, Christopher Mitchum
Directed by Jess Franco
Music by Louis Albonado


Derek Carpenter a CIA agent under the cover of a newspaper assigment in South America - but in fact on a mission to destroy a powerful organization importing drugs into the USA - meets on the plane the lovely Linda Montana. Her father Don Luis, the powerful head of the organization working hand-in-hand with influential members of the country government, orders a ruthless struggle against this mission. The first battle supported by the helicopters which Derek has at his disposal, turns into a blood bath. Linda, in love with Derek, having followed him to the battlefield, discovers among the corpses, men belonging to her father's organization and realizes that she is the daughter of a drug dealer. In a savage battle, with a thundering attack by a helicopter armada, the drug dealers'organizations are annihilated forever. Derek's mission is accomplished, but will Linda be with him on his return flight to the States?