• Directed by Jess FRANCO
    Starring Katia BIENERT, Tony MANFIELD, Aline MESS, Dan VILLERS
    Screenplay by A.L MARIAUX
    Music by Daniel WHITE


A big game hunter, Bob Foster, stalking the Mabutos tribe's famed treasure of rough diamonds, stumbles on a white girl who saves his life. Returning empty-handed to civilization, he tries to recoup by informing Lady de Winter that the girl may be her
niece, who vanished years ago in a jungle crash with her godfather, the pilot.
The old lady organizes a search to be lead by Foster, who is far more interested in
the diamonds than the girl.
They do find her, but the girl, whorshiped as a sky-sent goddess and happy with her natural, unfettered life, does not want to leave. Neither does her godfather, who has grown to hate civilization.
That's the situation and Foster, a hard-boiled adventurer, uses every trick in the jungle book. It's poison arrows against bullets, a hunter's wits against savage guile, with the Mabutos' beautiful « goddess » and the diamonds of the Kilimandjaro as a prize.