Directed by Orson Welles
    Starring Francisco Reiguera - Akim Tamiroff - Orson Welles
    Music by Daniel White et Fernando Rey
  • Edition supervised by Jess Franco



Impassioned history of knighthood, Don Quichotte decides to traverse the world to become the defender of the noble causes. It is accompanied by its servant, Sancho Panza.


With Don Quichotte, Orson Welles wished carried out his most ambitious work. During fourteen years the scenario writer filmed multiple sequences of an incomparable visual richness. However, Don Quichotte was never assembled, and the film was regarded as lost a long time. But thanks to the work of some impassioned, the original elements were found and assembled, according to notes left by the scenario writer. In spite of some technical concern, related to the history even of its complicated realization, the film has a force, an incredible beauty.