Starring Malisa Longo, Pamela Stanford,

Oliver Mathot, Ronald Weiss,

Patrizia Gorry, Lynn Monteil
Directed by Mark Staar
Screenplay by H.L. Rostaine - Victor Hadria
Director of photography Michel Rocca
Music by Daniel White



Hitler alarmed by the low moral of his high rank command officers, sends a pleasure convoy to the combat lines.
Elsa is in charge of this convoy.
The resistance wants to destroy this convoy at all costs.
The convoy is about to enter France, when Elsa sees a former lover of her, Franz. He is the convoy's interpreter.Happy at first to renew this dubious relation, Elsa finds out that Franz is no longer worthy of being a Nazi.Of Alsacian origin, he has lived through the horrors of the Russian front.

He falls in love with Liselotte, one of the hostesses on the train who belongs to a party working with the resistance.