Part with Justine De Sade of the Sade s Duet

Starring Paul Muller, Susan Korda, André Montcall
Directed by Jess Franco
Screenplay Jeff Manner inspired by a novel The Marquis de Sade
Photography M. Merrin
Music by Bruno Nicolai


Eugenia Radeck lives with her father, a widower and writer, in a suburb of Berlin. One day, Eugenia discovers the true character of her father : who he is a sadist of devilish perversity. Instead of being horrified, she becomes his accomplice and they decide to commit together a perfect crime.
During a conversation with a young writer Attila Tanner,
he realizes that Tanner plans to write a book on his
strange personality. There after, father and daughter
commit several crimes anywhere, anytime.
But one day, Eugenia falls in love with a young jazz musician.
Her father seeing her treason kills his daughter and
commits suicide.
Before dying at the hospital, Eugenia has just the
time to tell the story of her life to Tanner.