Starring Lynn Anderson - Raymond Pons - Olivier Mathot -
  • Monique Foscolos
    Directed by J.X. Marchal
    Screenplay by J.X. Marchal - Dan Simon
    Director of photography Michel Rocca
    Music by Joe Gracy - Michel Paje



Line and Andrés are in Paris. Andrés is a young student from Spain, who insists on Line divorcing her husband, to be able to marry her, later on. Line and Andrés met in the Costa Brava last summer, when !!he went to Spain, in order to paint a collection of oil-paintings of that beautiful landscap.!.:After some meetings, accidental first, and provoked afterwards, they hopefully and intensively, fall in love as if it were their first love-affair.

Line, who has been married civilly in France for several years to an important manufacturer, rather older than her, is sure that Andrés is the man she really loves. Notwithstanding that, because of her sense of responsability and moral obligation, she does not dare to leave her husband whithout any material reason, above all, considering that her husband lives exclusively to make her happy.

Andrés stays in Spain and Line goes on with her gay-life in Paris. When she finds out the perversity of her husband, she finds herself liberated from all the moral ties that retained her near her husband. She decides to sue for a divorce and join the man she really loves in Spain...