Directed by : James Gartner
Starring : Malisa Longo, Patricia Gori, Dominique Avel
Scrennplay by H.L. Rostaine
Director of photography Alain Hardy

Music by Daniel White


Stilberg is a ominious fortress in the thick of a forest. Under the dictatorship of General Steiner it has been turned into a detention camp for political prisoners, under the command of Helga Stiver, an ardent follower of the party in power where she brutalizes the female prisoners.
Lisbeth, the daughter of the opposition leader, Vogel, arrives at Stilberg where she, too, falls prey to the sadistie Helga.
However, with the help of another prisoner, Jenny, she manages to escape. But Jenny is caught while Lisbeth has collapsed in the forest.When she regains consciousness, she is surrounded by partisans who mistake her for a spy and take her to her father's camp.
But the revolution has begun, the partisans attack the fort and free the prisoners who kill Helga.