Starring Lina ROMAY, Ronald WEISS, Martine STEED
Directed by Jess FRANCO
Photography MGérard BRISSAUD
Music by Daniel J. WHITE


Hell begins... a mysterious-looking Chinese junk owned by the multimillionaire Rufus Hackerman is anchored in a Central American harbor.
A car stops by the pier, and three masked men get out and attack the boat. They rush into the boat cabin, gunshots are heard, and the men reappear with a suitcase full of diamonds.
Two of the men will be killed.

The third man will be knocked down by his mistress Shirley, who is arrested and condamned to a hellish prison

A detective, hired to solve the diamond heist, finds the suitcase taken from Hackerman's boat. The detective's luck runs out as he encounters Bill, Hackerman's sadistic henchman.

And Bill discovers that the suitcase is empty... maybe a passport to Hell ?