House of the Lost Girls

Starring Sylvia Solar, Sandra Jullien, Olivier Mathot, Magda Mundari,
Giliane Pasquale, Gilda Yorke

Directed by Pierre Chevalier
Director of photography Gérard Brissot
Music by Daniel White


A luxurious house stands in a deserted region, contrasting with its surroundings. It is a house of prostitution and its inmates are brought there against their will. One of them, Yvette, is helped to escape by Mr Gaston, a regular customer.
After walking through the brush for two days, Yvette tells her story to the police. She hitch-hikes and an obliging driver takes her to Paris, inviting her to spend the evening with him. Her story ends like other girls stories; She was drugged and, along with other girls, placed in a trunk and carried on board a ship. The voyage is rough and lasts several days. They winds up in a strange land and are taken to "La Maison des Filles Perdues"; they are never allowed outside and must suffer much humiliation and harsh treatment.
One of the girl tells to Yvette about The Albatros, another ship, but she is thrown off the scent in Barcelona. A young police assistant-volunteers to let herself be kidnapped as a future inmate of "La Maison des Filles Perdues". One by one, she follows the links of the chain, the cabaret, the drugging and the boat. She is caught back stage in the cabaret and, despite her feminine charms and skill at karate, she too is kidnapped.