Avec Jeanne Moreau, Philippe Lemaire, Marthe Mercadier, Roger Pierre

Réalisé par André Pergament

Dialogues Frédéric Dard

Musique Joseph Kosma


Paris . . . the key of all dreams and realities . . .
Paris with Montmarte, a place of passion, a crucible where beings, always the same, good or bad, play eternal dramas which is called the underworld and, in the papers, they make business?

Amid many others who move/gravitate/live here there is Pepe: and like destiny, he is sometimes awkward?
Mr Dominique, tells the Corsican, because he was born in Bastia; his real mother is the Legion; his religion is his fists, in short, a strong guy . . .
The Quail, doubtful, he searches for love, but he has too much of the cult in his person to find real love.
In the end, the eternal yeast/leaven their dramas, those that occur throughout where there is happiness to take and misfortune to give; the Woman. She from our story is called Fernande, does not have another name, if sometimes she calls her "the Softy".

Drama of the underworld between the protectors, prostitutes, and young men with lose morals .