Starring Fred Canow, Paul Piaget, Barbara Nelly,
John Marco, Liz Puter
Music by M.Parada
Directed by A.Navarro
Screenplay by J.M. Figuerol
Director of photography Ray Torres


A man named Joe is mysteriously killed just as he is about to leave a small Kansas town with his girlfriend, Katty.
At the inquest, one of Joe's old girlfriend claims she saw Katty shoot Joe. On this evidence alone, Katty is condemned to death. Desperate, she attempts an escape and is run down by
a runaway wagon and killed. Sometime later, her brother, notorious gunslinger, Franck Dalton, rides into town swearing vengeance for his sister's death.
All of a sudden, the town experiences an outbreak of murders, as one by one all those
involved in Katty's death are gunned down.