Starring Richard Harrisson, Michelle Peirello, Sylvia Monaco
Directed by Serge Bergonzelli
Screenplay by Serge Bergonzelli, Alex Pultron
Music by L.Lana, D.Meakin, M.Fraser
Director of photography G. La Rosal
Edited by R.C.A


Giada, a young girl full of life, loves her beautiful young colt, Kiko. Nerio, a famous jockey of Siena, begins training the lightning-fast Kiko for the famous "Palio" competition.
However, an antagonist conspiring against Nerio dopes
Kiko, hoping to have Nerio injured. Unfortunately, Giada herself mounts the drugged Kiko. She is flung out of the saddle and badly hurt. Delirious, Giada asks her father
to take her to the Palio competition immediately.
The town decides to organize a special Palio to help save her life. Giada is brought to the town square in an ambulance and attends the competition, shouting for her horse to win, "Run, Kiko, run ! Run like the wind !
"And Kiko wins!
Was it a miracle? Or perhaps the intense emotion? But Giada is saved!