Starring Jack Taylor, Mario Santini, Sylvia Solar,
    Sandra Jullien
    Directed by Peter Knight
    Screenplay A.L. Mariaux
    Director of photography Gérard Brissaud
    Music by Daniel White

    An all but forsaken, desert-like landscape in a faraway
    land somewhere. A strange, luxurious house out in that wilderness. And in it, the friendliest girls you can imagine.Until, because of one of the sometimes guests,
    one of the girls runs away.After wandering for two days,
    she reaches civilization and tells her story to the police.
    A gung-ho inspector named Jack sets out to follow the clues, starting with the Southern Star nightclub where's
    the girl's story begins. His identity does not stay a
    secret for long, but long enough for him to latch on to
    an extra clue.
    His superiors arrange for a young detective, a woman, to make contact with him, but the woman behind the white-slavery ring finds out about the policewoman, follows her, kills her and takes her place. She then lures Jack to her apartment to kill him. Jack sees through it and manges
    to escape.
    Back in Paris, police authorities get the investigation off
    on a new tack : a topflight policewoman is set up as a prey. It works as pianned : the ring takes her step by step along the usual route. What was not planned was that she would not - despite her prowess at karate and other trumps -
    wrest out way out of it. She is finally freed after a dramatic chase which ends with the dead of the ringleaders.