A film by Frank DREW WHITE
    Starring :Bo SVENSON, Chuck CONNORS,
    Robert GINTY

A woman, Roselee, disappears on her way home from a nightclub. Small-town gossip
points its ugly finger at prizewinning Professor Osborne, a scientist absorbed by
spearhead computer-assisted biogenetic research. He lives in isolation, impervious
to the world.
What or whom does he experiment on ? Dogs ? The whole town suspects that...
But perhaps on women, too ?
The girl, in fact, has been abducted by a sect devoted to the extirpation of the devil in man. Roselee is tortured in a laser-lit, psychedelic subterranean chamber. The master of the
sect is a young heir named Gondrand.
Humiliated by Count Silvano after having tried in vain to seduce the young Countess,
Gondrand takes his revenge. The Countess is kidnapped during a horse ride and taken to
the underground chamber where she joins Roselee, by now more dead than alive. But there
is a witness : a grunting, mute halfwit whom Professor Osborne teaches to pronounce a few single words with the help of a voice-responding computer.
After an initial search fails, the Count takes matters into his own hands. Tracks are found
which lead to Gondrand's manor. The Count demands an explanation, but Gondrand's giant henchman, Sam, takes him by surprise and throws him, unconscious, into the subterrean chamber.
Professor Osborne, now the prime suspect of the kidnapping of both women, refuses to
answer questions. He is innocent but he is revealing the nature of his experiments may jeopardize their value.
The grateful halwif will put the police on the right track with the few words of his newly-
acquired vocabulary and his miming talents.
From behing an iron-gate, which Gondrand locked in his attempt to escape, they watch helplessly as the Count, freed by Roselee in a last, desperate effort, kills Sam and his
master with his bare hands.