Avec Mikaëla WOOD, Yves MASSARD, Danielle GODET, Dora DOLL
Réalisateur Jess FRANCO
Avec les chansons :
"Mariquita", "Les Yeux Noirs", "Parlez-moi d' Amour"




Mariquita sings in the streets of Madrid. She assists to a party given in the Mansion of the Marquise de Bellevie where she sings in front of all the guests. She is congratuled by the Marquise.

Fernand, the Marquise’s son, is dressed as a diplomat in mission : Mariquita thinks he’s a waiter.

They fall in love with each other…

The Marquise tells Mariquita that Fernand is her son. Mariquita, scared, wants to leave him, but he reassures her and asks her hand.

Mariquita believes that he’s making fun of her… and engage herself in a serie of concerts… Where she succed every day a little bit more…