Starring Evelyne Scott, Monica Swinn,

Lina Romay,Alain Petit, Olivier Mathot,
Pierre Taylou,Yul Sanders
Directed by Jess Franco
Screenplay by P.C. Garnier, H.L Rostaine
Director of photography Gérard Brisseaud
Music by Daniel White


Sylvia, a provocative cabaret dancer, gets inadvertently mixed up with a spy ring and fails to realize that she has become the target of several dangerous foreign agents who kidnapped her, believing that she has valuable information . . . which she does not.

Using her irresistible charms and a liberal dose of sex, Sylvia succeeds in escaping her captors.
Helping her out through her misadventures are several friends, particularly pop singer Johnny Columbus, who helps rescue from the spies' evil clutches.