Directed by : Pierre Chevalier
Starring : Anne Talbot, Dominique Prado, Jean Roche, Simone Berthier
Scrennplay by Bob Sirens, Pierre Chevalier
Director of photography Gérard Brissaud

Music by Daniel White


NATHALIE was one of the first French films to put without hypocrisy the hot issue of the sex education. Two sisters, Nathalie and Elsa, go on holiday. Bringing in in Paris it stop, Elsa makes a male meeting, is allowed entrainer in night club and participle in a "party" where the sex and the drug dominate. A short time later, Elsa is pregnant...
Both sister, very close(plain), collide with the incomprehension of a particularly clamped family circle. Elsa decides to consult with Nathalie the family doctor who is going to explain them the mechanism of the conception and the control of the sexual relations.
In spite of the evolution of the customs, NATHALIE remains a film of current events so much the ignorance of certain young people is surprising. WARNING: sequences of this film contain a scene(stage) of childbirth(delivery).