Starring Anna Garek, Marianne Remont, Paul Muller,
Claude Boisson, Olivier Mathot
Directed by Pierre Chevalier
Screenplay by A.L. Mariaux
Director of photography: Gérard Brissaud
Music by Paul de Senneville - O.Toussaint


The year is 1740. In a harbor town on the coast of France, government soldiers are raiding the streets and taverns at night in search of girls to send to the New World. When
they reach America, the girls are transported to the unsettled territories, where colonists and soldiers are expecting them.During the journey, Indians attack and succeed in kidnapping several of the women, but the soldiers track them down and lay siege to the village
and rescue the girls.While continuing on their journey,
a battle breaks out again between the English and the French. They seek shelter in an English fort, which is
soon under siege by the French. A massive battle
ensues and the enemy is captured.