Starring Jess Franck, Nadine Pascal, Rosa Almiral
Pierre Taylou, Françoise Goussard, France Nicolas
Directed by Jess Franco
Screenplay by A.L Mariaux, Jeff Manner
Director of photography Raymond Heil
Music by Daniel White


In a street near Notre-Dame, an escapee from a mental hospital attacks an innocent woman and kills her.
Later, confessing to a priest, he says his mission is to exterminate all women, whom he considers prostitutes.
Later, propositioned by a prostitute, he knifes her.
The police are brought in but find no clues . . . until one
day, when thetrail leads to the home of a publisher.
There, in an article about to be published, they read,
" Every night, the murderer goes to pray in Notre-Dame." Voila, the manhunt ensues!