Starring Françoise Blanchard, Nadine Pascale,
Shirley Knight Claude
Boisson, Anthony Mayans
Directed by John O'Hara
Regie John Mac Doug
Screenplay by H.L Rostaine
Music by Daniel White
Production Eurociné./ J.E. Films


In a discotheque, two girls, Annie and Pascale, follow two boys. They are drugged and wake up in the hold of a boat. They are placed with other girls of all nationalities, in the "Oasis", a friendly cabaret in a distant African country.
In despair, they confide in each other and try to flee from
this infernal "Oasis" where an unscrupulous woman, Madame Gaby, keeps watch on them and maintains iron discipline. Nadine and Lina, dancers in a cabaret, have
been seduced by a very rich young man and find themselves on the boat. As for Catherine, she was hitch-hiking in Spain, Mamita, a very pretty black girl, came to the "Oasis" by chance: She had witnessed an escape attempt by one of the girls and the only way to keep her quiet was to put her with the others.
Interpol, alerted by a girl who managed to escape, and working hand in hand with the FBI, sends several
inspectors to try to break up the organization.