Starring Daniel Darnault, Alix Mayeux, Charlotte Jullian, Claude Knops
Directed by Claude Plaud
Screenplay A.L. Mariaux
Music by André Benichou, Jean-Claude Olive


Adrian, the postman of Bilboquette-sur-Aude is irresistible
to women for whom he has a particular fondness. Of course, this leads to a variety of problems with husbands and fathers.
Most of the town's womenfolk are gathered in a pom-pom
girl club headed by Miss Du Merle de la Tour, an old-maid with a religious bent, in love with the woman-crazy postman whom she has been trying to get into bed.
Trying to escape from her, Adrian flees to Paris. Hazard
and this fellow-worker's maliciousness lead him to the "Oversexed Club". The club is a rather unusual place where love-starved women come to satisfy their wildest, weirdest impulses and fantasies.
Adrian is soon lured away from the Post office to become one of the club's main attractions until the love stricken spinster comes to Paris. She tracks him down again till
a series of misadventures land them in the same room, where they find themselves locked up.