Starring Alice Arno, Béatrice Costantini, Jean-Michel Dhermay, Dominique Rollin, Michel Barbey, Robert Berri
Directed by Pierre Chevalier
Screenplay by A.L. Mariaux
Director of photography Raymond Heil
Music by Daniel White
Edited by R.C.A.


A gang use a stip-tease artist on tour in Lebanon in order
to smuggle a microfilm out of the country. As soon as the girl lands at Orly field, she is followed by the smugglers
who want to get hold of the film.
Counterspies make an unsuccessful attempt to trap the smugglers who stage a spectacular kidnapping right in the middle of Paris in order to get the girl, but she has not the film.
During the performance of an erotic show in private, an
agent makes contact with a friend of the girl. But when the poor girl goes home, she is beaten to death in her bathtub by a hood. Before dying, she is nevertheless able to tell where the secret agent's gang is hiding out; it is an abandoned mansion...