Starring : Paul Naschy, Silva Solar, Olivier Mathot,
    Richard Palmer,Yul Sanders, Victor Israël, Evelyn Scott
    Directed by : J. Fortuny
    Director of photography : Raymond Hail
    Music : Daniel J. White
    Story by : A.T Mariaux, J. Fortuny

    After a hold-up, Jack Surnett, a gang leader, is wounded
    on the head by the police.
    He is taken to a hospital where the surgeon declares that
    in order to save the gangster, a brain transplant must perfored.
    Surnett's men go in search of another gang leader whose morphology is identical to Surnett's. They find him and the graft is successful.
    Surnett is rapidly back on his feet again but he is no
    longer the same man. He sows terror in town and in the countryside.
    The men of the victim's gang attack the hopital.
    Then the police and the residents of the town attack the hospital.