Starring Monica Swinn, Yul Sanders, Gyliane Pascale, Daniel Darnault, Josette Servoin, Michel Charel
Directed by Pierre Chevalier
Sreenplay by H.L. Rostaine
Director of photography Gérard Brissau
Music by André Bénichou


A lovely summer day in Paris. Roger and Martine are on their way to work. "Work" is a euphemism because Martine is a prostitute in Pigalle. She is saving money to buy the house of her dreams in the country. Her husband Roger "works" for the same goal, but in a brothel for women.
There, duchesses rub elbows with businesswomen,
militant members of women's lib and other female pleasure-seekers.
The men on duty come from every level of society and they do their best to satisfy the whims of their lady customers. There are Dudule, the plumber, and Adrien, a mailman, from out of town. Black Angel with skin of ebony and muscles of steel who, to the delight of the customers, pretends to be a primitive savage but spends his free time reading Virgil in latin. Coquelicot, handsome and sentimental.
The story has a moral ending: policewomen storm the
place, search the rooms and create havoc trying to find the salesmen of pleasure. Only one over-curious passer-by
who just comes in for a look is subdued and dragged off to jail. The policewomen are happy to have caughtat least one male whore.