Starring Mireille Dargent, Monique Gérard, Olivier Mathot, Alice Arno, Pierre Taylou
Directed by Pierre Chevalier
Screenplay by A.L Mariaux, Pierre Chevalier
Director of photography Johan Vincent
Music by Jean Michel Guise
Production Eurociné / B.I.P.


A young girl, who was raped, is telling her mother that she is pregnant. Her family vilifies
her, and she turns against them . . . against life . . .against society.
One evening, after work, instead of taking the bus, the young girl accepts a lift home on a motorcycle. The driver is young, handsome, with a persuasive manner. She agrees to have
a drink with him and is dazzled by the luxurious mansion he take her to. There, at a party
of strange pleasure seeker, she struggles to get away but is beaten and raped.
Destitute, the young woman goes from one bad situationto another, her lifetrapped in a downward spiral.