Directed by Jess Franco
    Starring William Berger - Joan Virly - Robert Foster
    Music by Johan Sacristan
    Story by Santiago Monk



Casablanca - Dean Baker, once famous novelist, now an alcoholic living separated from his wife, decides to commit suicide. He smallows a bottle of sleeping pills but, suddenly terrified of death, phones a hospital for help. He recovers. A prostitute he is acquainted with takes him to a casino. Though he is half drunk, luck is with him and he ends up earning a fortune!

His wife is waiting for him when he returns home. She asks him to forgive her. He wants very much to live now, but, back at the casino, he signed a card asking whoever found it to kill him in exchange for the fortune he just won. He tries to retrieve the card but, can’t. He kills in the process, but to no avail. That, as it happens, is the subject of his last novel: he reenacted, and died, according to his own plot.