Starring Lina Romay, Pierre Taylou, Monica Swinn, Tanya Lambert
Directed by Jess Franco
Screenplay by Jean Querut
Director of photography Ray Hale
Music by Ian Wira and Charles Gordanne
Production Belfilm / Eurociné.


Alone on a cliff stands the forbidding house of the Vanbeck
family --Vanbeck, Eugenia, his daughter, Lucia, his niece and Igor, a young peasant servant.

  • Feeling the need to improve two girl's education Vanbeck hires a governess, a young French woman, Emmanuelle.
  • Emmanuelle senses the strange atmosphere of the house and its troubled master.
  • She spends many sleepless nights hearing strange footsteps and erotic, passionate sighs.
  • She the uncovers the love affair between Igor and Lucia, which is upsets Eugenia and Vanbeck.