Starring Arlette Dider, Tugot Doris, Nadine Pascale, France Jordan, Françoise Blanchard, Olivier Mathot, Anthony Mayans
Directed by Pierre Chevalier
Director of photography Louis Colombo
Music by Daniel White


Every evening, six or eight regular visitors, always the
same ones -well-to-do tradesmen or respectable businessmen-gather at "you know where !",as they
call it, i.e., at the "Maison Tellier".
"La maison" has a discret, family atmosphere. The "regulars" generally sip a liqueur while eyeing the five obliging young ladies and talking about the weather, gradually forgetting the worries of their humdrum daily
lives. Occasionally, during the week, Monsieur Vasse, magistrate in thecommercial court, takes
"Madame Tellier" and hergirls for a gay picnic.
But one evening, the regulars find the door closed...