Directed by Jope Merino
Starring Stan Cooper - Charles Qulney
Maria Pla Conte - Valérie Ketten
Stunt sequences John Artland


The governor of the Torres archipelago an English-penal colony since 1770 lets Caribbean pirates use the string of islands' coves and caves in exchange for part of the loot.

But the pirates soon challenge his authority, plunder the British ships at anchor and take over the islands. "If you can't hang them, get them on your side", reasons the king. He grants the buccaneers a full pardon providing they cease sacking his vessels and laying waste the islands. Another condition: that they fly the Union Jack in England’s battles.

France has long had an eye on these sun-drenched islands along the trade routes, and the French King sees his first opportunity to lay his royal hands on them. Spies land with the mission of reviving the buccaneers' yearning for unfettered freedom, when they were freebooters flying the black Stulland Sones flag of piracy.