• Starring Monica Swinn, Sandra Mozarowsky,
    Eric Muller
    Directed by James Gartner
    Music by Francis Person
    Special Effects by SOIS Company
    Stunt by René Borst


1941: a Nazi train is packed with young women who have volunteered to "keep up the morale" of Hitler's officers on
the Eastern front. In charge of the party is the beautiful Ingrid, a former cabaret star. After steaming through battlefields and surviving enemy attacks, the train stops
to pick up a load of female prisoners who plotted against
the Fuhrer.Tension mounts when fanatical Nazi Ingrid
learns that her childhood friend, Greta, is among the prisoners.
Then, one of the captives escapes, returning with Polish Partisans who take over the train and humiliate the proud Ingrid. The train is rescued by a handsome German officer and Ingrid is consumed by desire and hatred as she vies with Greta for the man's attention.
Riding the bloody rails through the heart of war-torn Europe...car after car of desperate, passionate women...
all with a one-way ticket on the Helltrain.