Starring : Howard VERNON, Daniel VILLIERS, Lea VIRLI, Valérie RUSSEL
Directed by Jess FRANCO
Music by Daniel WHITE
Special effects by Steve RUSSELL


Based on a story by Edgar A. POE Near the almost deserted city, on a rocky cliff, stands the inposing and sinister house of Usher. This is where the family's last descendant lives the last days of his life, haunted by memories of the past and slowly reaching the dephts of madness. He decides to confide in Allan by making him part of his obsessions. Allan discovers Usher's world of madness : the murder of his three wives and of Clara. Clara seduced the gardener. Clara, although dead, still alive at his side. Helen, the vampire, his worst remembrance. Mathias, finally, his masochistic servant who follows Usher into madness and death. Gradually, Allan penetrates into Usher's world of terror. The ghosts who haunt Usher's mind become his own obsessions. He sees fresh blood on the floor and discovers the mad virgin and Clara who is looking for warmth. In a final black mass, at the height of madness, Usher dies of a heart-attack, and all the demons who were crowding his mind take over the mansion. Walls begin to tremble and the roof caves in. Allan gathers all his streaght and manages to flee. His last vision is an image of hell! The mansion silently crumbles destroyed forever, and with it disappears the world of nightmares. Allan is on the way back to the smiling world of reality.