Interprétes : Brigitte Lahaie - Monique Gérard - Erika Cool - Joan Nguyen - Muriel Catala - Joëlle Leclair
Réalisation : Pierre Chevalier
Musique : Michel Magne
Scénario : H.L. Rostaine
Chef opérateur : Raymond Heil


This film not only demonstrates the motivation behind the act of rape (one of the most horrible crimes), but also breacks down the wall of silence which has until now surrounded it.


·         Unsuspecting hitch-hikers

·         Young girls who happen to walk alone at night

·         Vietnamese women raped by American soldiers

·         Women alone in a house which is being burglarized

·         Female demonstrators, raped under the protective eye of law and order


All these young women, finding themselves in such situations are too ashamed to talk about it.

One must bring these facts to light.


The men who smirk at these incidents must be made to think that could happen to their wiwes, their sisters, their daughters.