Starring Marianne Remont, Paul Muller, Jean-Pierre Delamour
Director George Freedland
Story by A L. Mariaux
Photography by Raymond Heil


Moving, hippie-fashion, from one city to another, André sometimes earns a substantial sum of money by catering
for parties of a special kind, given by wealthy Mr. Witson in his luxurious villa in Saint-Tropez.André specializes in very young girls, to be exhibited on a stage in the act of love.
His latest victim is Maria, whom he sweeps off her feet at a brief encounter in her small town in Southern Spain.
In a sensuously lit, opulent bedroom, a giant mirror reflects the two young bodies, locked ina passionate embrace...
... while on the other side of this one way mirror, the spectators, M.Witson's guests, excited by the show, start an orgy...
... and follows André who is badly hurt into the ambulance
"I am his wife!" she says to the driver...