Starring Lina ROMAY, Ronald WEISS, Martine STEED
    Directed by Jess FRANCO
    Photography MGérard BRISSAUD
    Music by Daniel J. WHITE

    When a brazen diamond heist on a Chinese junk ends in a bloody double-cross, the traitor escapes only to be mysteriously murdered by his mistress.

    The vicious vixen is locked away in a tropical prison where, to keep the hidden jewels for herself, she'lI have to resist the charms of the warden's Sapphic spies; withstand whips, chains, in her dungeon; and, if she breaks free, she must pass through the gauntlet of greedy gangsters working on both sides of the law. Are her mind and body strong enough to survive the agonies and ecstasies of life in the big doll house?